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Charging Station
Management Platform (CSMP)
& Mobile APP |



One platform to manage and monitor your electric car charging network

so you can focus on other things


About Us

Charging Stations Management Platform (CSMP)

Everything you need in one CSMP Use Evoltics’
CSMP to connect and control all your EV
infrastructure from a single platform. Manage
revenue, users, energy output, and more with
our open, interoperable, and hardware-agnostic

Everything you need in one CSMP

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White label
Hardware agnostic
Help & support
IOT Sensor Support


Upcoming features

Exciting additions to look forward to: upcoming features on the horizon.


Effortlessly manage your time: Introducing the all-new scheduling feature


Schedule active-
inactive hours for locations and daily public-private
access for chargers
throughout the weekdays


With OCPI supprot
chargers made available on
personal branded whitelabel
app as well as Evoltics mobile
app for higher outreach.


Seamless connectivity wherever you go: Discover the convenience of roaming

Load Management

Remotely manage charging
load distribution within
sanctioned power limits for
multi charger locations

Load Management

Optimize performance and resource allocation: Introducing load management for peak efficiency


Mobile App

Our EV driver app helps users locate nearby
charging stations, monitor their charging
progress, and make payments. It also provides
users with real-time charging station availability
and status updates, ensuring that they always
have access to the charging infrastructure
they need.


Branding your own EV charging services is
valuable for a range of organizations, from
private companies to governments and public
utilities. Evoltics makes white labeling easy and
affordable for any organization.

Everything you need in one app

White-label App

A fully customized EV charger management account to grow your brand

Brand Color

Customize the dashboard
and app with your brand

QR Code

Download a QR code
sticker for your charger
that matches your brand

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Mobile App

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