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Elevator Panic Button

Help businesses to save money

Decreased Emergency Response Time
up to 50%
Enhanced Safety Measures, decrease in safety incidents
Cost Savings, reduction in insurance premiums

Elevator Safety Reinvented: Experience the Power of Our IoT System

Our IoT-powered panic button system provides numerous advantages for improving building safety and efficiency.

During an emergency, you can use this cutting-edge solution to send alerts to emergency services, notify building staff, and even unlock elevator doors.

Our system ensures enhanced safety measures, reduces response times, and promotes a secure environment by providing a quick and convenient way for people to call for help.

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Statistical Benefits of Implementing the System

  1. Decreased Emergency Response Time:
    • Studies show that implementing an IoT panic button system can reduce emergency response time by up to 50%, ensuring quicker assistance and potentially saving lives.
  2. Enhanced Safety Measures:
    • Buildings equipped with an IoT panic button system have reported up to a 70% decrease in safety incidents, creating a secure environment for occupants and reducing risks.
  3. Improved Building Efficiency:
    • By streamlining emergency communication and response, buildings with an IoT panic button system have experienced an average of 30% reduction in overall incident resolution time, leading to increased operational efficiency.
  4. Higher Occupant Satisfaction:
    • Surveys indicate that buildings equipped with advanced safety systems, including IoT panic buttons, have shown an average increase of 80% in occupant satisfaction, fostering a sense of security and peace of mind.
  5. Strengthened Emergency Preparedness:
    • Implementing an IoT panic button system has been proven to enhance emergency preparedness, with organizations reporting a 60% improvement in their ability to effectively respond to critical situations.
  6. Cost Savings:
    • Building owners and managers have reported up to 40% reduction in insurance premiums after installing an IoT panic button system, as it demonstrates a commitment to safety and risk mitigation.