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Cold Chain

Help businesses to save money

Reduce loss of perishables
Improved customer service
Increased product quality

Improve product quality and compliance with cold chain monitoring.

A cold chain IoT monitoring system tracks and monitors temperature-sensitive products during transportation and storage using IoT sensors. Real-time temperature, humidity, and environmental data is transmitted to the cloud for analysis. This enables businesses to maintain product quality and efficacy while reducing losses, lawsuits, and customer dissatisfaction, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

main features

Free Up Resources to Focus on Other Tasks

  • Increased efficiency: By automating the tracking and monitoring of temperature-sensitive products, businesses can free up resources to focus on other tasks. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity.


  • Improved decision-making: By having access to real-time data on the status of temperature-sensitive products, businesses can make better decisions about how to manage their supply chain. This can lead to improved profitability.


  • Reduced risk: By proactively identifying and addressing any issues that may cause product loss, businesses can reduce the risk of financial losses. This can help to protect the business’s bottom line.