Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

From communication techniques to its physical implementation, Najhum has been an integral part of the industry. With an experience of over 10,000 antennas installed for various communication protocols evolved over times and with numerous data center implementations, our team has experience over every aspect of the countrywide communication infrastructure. 

Understanding the quality of our countrywide successful deliveries, Najhum has great reputation among our customers, both regional & international, who has put their trust on us for variety of network infrastructure implementations. We are proud to be part of some of the prestigious projects like Sigfox network implementation, Etisalat 5G network roll-out, Etisalat Data Center in Expo 2020, DU Rectifier Swap project etc  in the UAE. Some of our areas of expertise listed below

Li-Fi Technology

Najhum has been successful at offering the most innovative service offerings to our clients. We are proud to become one of ones to introduce Li-Fi to the region. 

Li-Fi uses light for communication. It provides a high level of physical security and has a very high bandwidth allowing a fast, reliable and secure communication. Some of the industries that can benefit highly are 

* High security communications like military and police

* Mega factories where laying of physical cables for communication is a hassle
* High risk environments like nuclear power plant where Radio Frequency causes a threat

* Schools and other areas where we appreciate reduction of radio signals

* Business places or meeting rooms where fast and stable network is very important

Data Center Solution

Combined with our other service offering, Nahjum provides our Customer with holistic solutions to operate and manage IT environment with a very focused wys allowing the customer to mantain choice flexibility & Control. Some of our offerings in this vertical are

*Racks and Cabinets

*Environmental Monitoring System

*Data Center Cabling

*Security Systems 

*Server and switch installation & configuration

*Data Center Electrical Works

GSM Solutions


From the wide exposure of our team into telecom infrastructure and the reputation of Najhum in this industry, we make sure our clients are delivered projects with pristine quality. We provide GSM infrastructure solutions that include


* Optimization & Drive Test

* In-Building Solutions (IBS)

* Fiber Network (FTTH/FTTX etc)

* Microwave Link Installation & Commissioning

* IBS Design 

* Radio planning

* LPWAN Infrastructure (Sigfox, LoRA etc)

System Integration

Najhum has alliances with highly reputed organizations both locally and internationally to provide excellent technical & professional services to diverse customers in GCC. Our offerings are below

* Structured Cabling

* CCTV Installation

* Building Management System

* Access Control System

* Intercom System

* Gate Barrier System

* Control Centers